The importance of a Custom Seal Embosser for your Business

personalised embosser

An embosser seal is a tool used to imprint a professional mark on paper documents and contracts. For incorporated companies, there is a legal requirement to obtain a company seal. Company seals must meet certain criteria set out by the Companies Registration Office. However, some companies, individuals and sole traders may also have an in-house need for a personalised embosser seal. Personalised embossers are becoming more popular because they are not confined to any legal criteria.

Can a Sole Trader use an Embossing seal?

While there is no legal requirement, a sole trader may choose to obtain a custom seal embosser for in-house use. Up to 50 characters can fit on the round face of a seal and a sole trader seal can be customised to its own specifications. Recently, we have seen increased interest from sole traders seeking an embosser seal for business purposes.

Top Tip… If a sole trader seal is to be used to authenticate contracts and professional documents, we would recommend including the registered business name and VAT number.

Why are custom seal Embossers Gaining popularity?

Prestigious– Embosser seals have been used for hundreds of years to imprint seals onto historical documents, books, and deeds. The long-standing prestigious use associated with a seal is something that brands and individuals are utilising today.

Clean Professional – An embosser seal leaves a crimped imprint on paper. There is no ink and that means no smudges, just a clear embossment every time.

Branding Tool – A personalised embosser is light-weight and can be used multiple times on paper up to 100gsm thickness.

Environmentally friendly – A seal is an environmentally friendly alternative to printed packaging or stickers because they don’t require ink or glue.

Top Tip… Try using recycled paper with a personalised embossed seal. The result is a high-quality look at a low cost to your wallet and the environment.

What does the future hold for Personalised Embossers?

McGrath Company Seals have been Ireland’s leading manufacturer of high-quality seals for over 40 years. As the world becomes more digitalised, we expect to see a greater demand for digital solutions. But the appeal of an embosser seal is the feel of the crimped paper, it is timeless, and we are proud to keep that long-standing tradition alive. As long of companies and individuals continue to use seals, we will continue to produce them.

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