The Benefits & Uses of a Logo Embossing Seal

company seal with logo

What is a Logo Embossing Seal?

Adding a logo to your embossing seal is a great way to personalise a company seal. A logo seal is a customisable product that can include any information you wish such as the company name, address, phone number, email address or website. A logo embossing seal is a tool used to imprint a professional logo mark on paper documents. Our standard seal size is 38mm in diameter suitable for embossing small stacks of paper, up to 100gsm.

Please Note: If a company wishes to use a logo embossing seal as an official company seal, to certify company documents they must meet the legal requirements. Under Irish company law, an official company seal is required to include the registered company name and company type.

The benefits of using a Company Seal with Logo

  1. The Business Appears more Credible

The use of a logo seal or company seal can help your business to appear more credible, trusted, and reputable. This can help to build long-lasting relationships and trust with those who engage with your business or organisation.

  1. Promotes Brand Awareness

The use of a company seal personalised with your unique company logo can improve brand awareness and visibility.

  1. Substitute for a Physical Signature

The use of a company logo seal can reduce the need for business owners or company directors to complete the tedious task of signing documents daily. Where suitable, a company logo seal may be a valid alternative to an ink signature.

  1. Environmentally friendly compared with branded Company Stickers

If your business is currently using branded company stickers in your promotions, the move to using an embossing seal for the same purpose is a more environmentally conscious choice and eliminates unnecessary waste.

Unconventional uses for a logo embossing seal

Typically, companies use a logo seal to imprint a mark that certifies company documents, contracts, etc. However, there are some unconventional or special purpose uses for a logo embossing seal.

  1. Gifting – Companies often send gifts to clients and customers which are sourced from third-party suppliers, in which case a logo seal mark can be used to increase brand awareness on letters or paper gift certificates.
  2. Hotels/Guesthouses – Some hotels/BNBs/guesthouses have been known to use a logo seal to emboss napkins, information packages for guests, or even the toilet paper fold in freshly cleaned bathrooms.
  3. Restaurants/Cafes – A logo embossing seal can be used to emboss menus, lightweight menu cards and vouchers.
  4. Artists – Some artists are known to use a personalised embossing seal to authenticate their work.

Please Note: Our standard seal size may not be suitable for all requests. Please let us know if you have an unconventional use for your seal so we can produce it to meet your requirements.

McGrath Company Seals have been Ireland’s leading manufacturer of high-quality seals for over 40 years. Based in Dublin City Centre, logo seal orders can be fulfilled and delivered in as little as two business days.

Please follow this link to order a Logo Embossing Seal online. Our products are hand-made and hand-tested to ensure the finest quality. If you have any questions on any of the information covered in this blog, please contact us today. Our team would be happy to assist you.

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