Frequently Asked Questions

What is a company seal?

A company seal (often referred to as the corporate seal) is an embossing seal used to certify and authenticate official company documents. See more information on What is a Company Seal

How do I assemble a company seal?

A Pliers Company Seal consists of two pieces stored within a wallet. To assemble a company seal for use, remove the clip and the handle from the wallet. This video shows how the two pieces fit together as well as how to use the Pliers Company Seal once it is assembled.

Is a company seal a legal requirement in Ireland?

Yes, under the Irish Companies Act 2014, all companies in Ireland are required to possess a company seal that must state the company’s name, engraved in legible characters. See more information on Do I need a Company Seal?

Who can use a company seal?

Under the Companies Act 2014, a director is the only person who has the authority to use the company seal unless stated otherwise in the company’s constitution. Learn more about Who is Authorised to use a Company Seal?

Does a Sole Trader need an embossing seal?

While is it not a legal requirement for a Sole Trader to have an embossing seal, we have been receiving more and more requests recently. Some Sole Traders have an internal requirement to obtain an embossing seal for authenticating certain contracts or identification purposes. The ideal solution is to order a personalised seal that lists the Sole Trader’s Business Name and the VAT Number. Order a Personalised Seal Online

How long does delivery take?

All company seal orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days, or can be collected within 2 business hours. Please allow 3 working days for the manufacture and dispatch of a rubber stamp. For orders being sent by An Post, please allow 2-3 working days for delivery within Ireland (plus 3 working days for international postage).

How can I dispose of a company seal?

There is no law governing how to dispose of a company seal, however, to prevent fraud the engraved dials should be defaced so that is unable to make an impression. We encourage you to recycle a company seal that is no longer needed. See our Free Destroying/ Recycling Service article.

Why should I use McGrath Seals?

That’s easy. We are Ireland’s oldest and leading manufacturer of Company Seals and Company Stamps for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are in business for nearly 40 years and have developed an industry-leading technique for the manufacture of company seals, ensuring that they are of excellent quality, durability and stand the test of time. We are trusted by Ireland’s Legal Professionals, Company Formation Practices, Entrepreneurs, Banks, Financial Service Companies, Accountants and Tax Advisors in Ireland and beyond. We offer Ireland’s only Express Company Seal service, with pliers seals available for dispatch or collection within 2 hours. We take immense pride in our work, craftsmanship and our high levels of customer service and flexibility with our valued customers.

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