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Recycle Company Seal

A variety of business professionals and legal entities are required to hold an embossment seal for use on legal documents and contracts. Irish registered companies, solicitors, notaries or a commissioner for oaths are all likely to use similar personalised seals. There are a wide variety of seal types depending on how they will be used practically including the pliers type seal, desk mounted seals or self-inking stamps.

At McGrath Seals, we feel in this current climate the question must be asked: ‘What happens after a seal is no longer required?’ The seal may no longer be required due to retirement, company acquisition or when a company is dissolved/wound up. A seal is a legal tool and as such certain steps should be taken to dispose of a corporate seal correctly and ensure it is properly disposed of. In many cases, there are salvageable parts which can be recycled or repurposed. McGrath Company Seals would be happy to facilitate the disposal of any stamps or seals that are no longer required.

Recycle a Seal that is No Longer Required

At McGrath Company Seals we feel it is our social responsibility to promote the recycling of company seals that are no longer required. We understand that there may be a lack of guidance regarding the correct disposal of a company or business-related seal. While there is a legal requirement for Irish companies and solicitors to hold a seal, there are no specific guidelines in place for the disposal of the seal. In many cases, the seal itself, if not properly disposed of, can create an unnecessary security risk for a company. The engraved die containing embossment information is specific to the owner of a seal, we will destroy the identifying elements appropriately, then recycle and repurpose the useable parts.

When a Business is Dissolved

In the event that a business has ceased trading and has subsequently been struck from the register, we would encourage the party holding the seal to send the same into us to be recycled. It is important to dissolve of your company correctly and close the business with a voluntary strike off, liquidation or winding up. Should you require assistance with any process for your company we can put you in touch with a Corporate Service Provider who can assist you.

Recycle a self-inking stamp

If the item is a self-inking stamp seal, the rubber engraved face should be destroyed to prevent theft or fraud so that. There is no law governing how to dispose of a stamp seal. You can deface a stamp yourself if you chose but we can destroy a stamp free of charge and recycle the usable parts.

The individual is Retired or Deceased

In the event that a solicitor, notary or sole director of a company, has retired or will otherwise no longer fulfil the role there is no legal requirement to dispose of a stamp or seal. However, misuse of the seal could be punishable by law. The appropriate persons should take steps to deface and recycle the seal accordingly.

The seal is Lost or Stolen

If your seal is lost or stolen, you should report the theft to your local Garda Station and get a copy of the report for your records. If someone attempts to fraudulently use your seal, you can provide evidence that it was stolen. You may also wish to contact the CRO or Faculty of Notaries Public and report the theft to them.

Refurbishing a Broken Seal

If your seal has broken parts or is not working like it used to, we can facilitate the refurbishment or repair of a company seal for a small fee. Many times, new inserts are all that is required to have the seal working like new. All of our seals are hand-made and hand-repaired by the experts in our Dublin city centre location.

Free Destroying/Recycling Service

McGrath Seals are Dublin’s older manufacture of company seals. We will recycle a seal regardless of who manufactured it or the industry for which is it used. Please send in your unwanted seal or stamp by post. Or drop into our office in Dublin city centre and we will facilitate the recycling of company seals as well as destroy the embossment containing personal information.

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