Use a Rubber Stamp to Simplify your Office Tasks

Rubber stamp for company tasks

We are leading rubber stamp company manufacture in Ireland. A company stamp is an essential stationery tool to simplify office tasks in any business. Rubber stamps can be customised to with vital information necessary to authenticate documents quickly. The information included on a company stamp can be custom ordered to meet the needs of the specific tasks. Our quality rubber stamps are made to order, featuring a sleek spring loading self-inking system that won’t dry out and delivers the perfect stamp every time.

Information to Include on a Rubber Stamp:

The information that can be included on a self-inking stamp is virtually endless depending on the job at hand. Some common requests are:

  • Company name
  • Logo/slogan
  • Business address
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Phone/fax number
  • Facebook/Twitter tag

What are the main uses for a Rubber Stamp?

Company stamps can be used to make multiple tasks easier and give documents a clean professional seal. Self-inking stamps are an effective way to save time and money while still looking professional. Some stamp types commonly ordered are:

Return Address Stamp: One of the most common uses for a company stamp is to quickly place a company’s return address on envelopes for easy posting. Using a return address stamp on your post will ensure the receiver of the communication knows who the letter is from right away and in the event that a communication cannot be undelivered it will be returned directly to the business. This a more environmentally friendly than return address stickers because the stamp can be used multiple times.

Professional Marking: A company stamp can be used to leave a professional mark of authenticity on important company documents.

Signature Stamp: Some professionals may wish to have a company stamp that is custom to their office or position in the company. For Example; ‘From the office of CEO John Doe, company name/logo,’. A signature stamp can also be personalised with the individual’s signature for easy authorisation of office tasks.

Branding: A company logo and slogan/tagline is a cost-effective way to brand items with a professional mark. This can be a useful tool for branding gifts or vouchers without spending additional money. Company stamps can also be useful at events to mark name tags, gift bags or used as a hand stamp.

How to Order a Company Stamp

McGrath is Ireland’s trusted provider of stamps and seals for over 30 years providing quality products that stand the test of time. Based in Dublin city centre, company stamp orders can be fulfilled and delivered within just 1-2 business days.


Small Stamp: Measurements: 4.7 x 1.8cm ( ¾” x 1 ⅞”)

  • Up to 4 Lines
  • Up to 20 Characters per line

Medium Stamp: Measurements: 7 x 2.5cm (1″ x 2¾”)

  • Up to 6 Lines
  • Up to 28 Characters per line

Large Stamp: Measurements: 7.5 x 3.8cm (1½” x 3″)

  • Up to 9 Lines
  • Up to 30 Characters per line

As a general rule company logos will take up two lines of normal text. To include a company logo as well as additional lines of text a Medium or large size stamp is recommended.

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