What is the difference between a Company Stamp and a Company Seal?

Irish registered companies are required by law to have a Company Seal as stated in the Companies Act 2014. They are used to leave a company embossment on official documents such as deeds, statutory documents and share certificates. While a company stamp is not required, they are commonly preferred by businesses to quickly leave a professional mark on documents that do not require an official company seal. While the majority of Irish businesses would consider both a Company Seal and Company Stamp to be essential, they are distinctly different and should be used for separate designated tasks.

What is a Company Seal?

A Company Seal also referred to as a ‘Common Seal’ must be acquired by all Irish companies under the Companies Act 2014. Company Seals generally have a 38mm round face that can fit up to 50 characters. An official company seal must include the following information organised in a neat circle:

  • The registered business name (as registered with the CRO)
  • The company type (an abbreviation such as LTD instead of LIMITED would be acceptable)

When is a Company Seal used?

A Company Seal is used by a Company Directors, the board of Directors, The Company Secretary or those authorised by the Directors. The details on the use of the seal are generally laid out within the company’s Constitution (formerly called Memorandum and Articles of Association). A company seal embossment can be applied to official documents such as; deeds, contracts, director’s meeting minutes etc.

Types of Company Seals

McGrath Company Seals manufacture two types of seals; pliers seals & desk seals. Both feature two 38mm round faceplates that are compressed together to leave a company embossment on the document(s).

Pliers Seals are light-weight and portable when collapsed flat inside the accompanying envelope/wallet. When assembled the seal can be easily compressed by hand (like a pair of pliers) to leave a clear embossment on up to 100gsm paper.

Desk Seals feature a heavy-duty and sleek design preferred by certain professionals (e.g. Notary Publics) that use a seal more regularly or want to use on heavier grades of papers. No assembly is required, a desk seal is typically displayed on a desk or shelf.

Recommended Tip Try embossing a Notary Seal Sticker and placing it on the document for an eye-catching professional way to display the company seal of approval on official documents, certificates, or contracts. For best results emboss the sticker before it has been removed from the role, remove the sticker and place on a document.

What is a Company Stamp?

A company stamp is not a legal requirement, but they can be highly effective in Simplifying Your Office Tasks. A self-inking Company Stamp is often used to quickly leave a professional mark on important documents that do not legally require an embossed company seal. Many companies choose to have a variety of company stamps on hand for various tasks.

Recommended Tip Try ordering a company stamp with the company logo, this is a great tool for branding and marketing purposes. For example, if the company runs a contest or a draw but and the prize is sourced from a 3rd party supplier such as a gift voucher. You can stamp the voucher or packaging with your company stamp so that the customer remembers who the gift came from.

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