What is a Company Seal?

A company seal is a tool that is used to add authenticity to important documents and acts as a type of company signature. Under the Company’s Act, 2014 Irish companies are legally required to obtain a company seal.

A company seal consists of two opposing plates engraved with a company’s name so that when a sheet of paper is placed between them and the plates pressed together they leave a clear embossment, impression or stamp. A company seal is customizable but there are basic requirements set out by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) that must be met. The name of the company must be engraved as well as the suffix of the company type such as limited, private etc. Abbreviations such as LTD, PLC etc. are also acceptable.

McGrath Company Seals are hand-made featuring a round face, 38mm in diameter, featuring up to 50 customisable characters embedded into the design of the seal. A company seal must be legible, that is why at McGrath we use all capital letters to give a clean impression to that is in line with the CRO’s requires. McGrath Company Seals is the oldest manufacturer of Company Seals in Ireland. In business since 1981, delivering quality company seals to companies in Ireland and around the world.

What are the Types of Company Seals?

There are 2 main types of company seals available in the market. Both meet the legal requirement in Ireland, the most suitable seal type would depend on your business’s needs. Both seal types have the same size face, 38mm in diameter.

Pliers Seal

This is a conventional type of company seal suitable for embossing small stacks of paper, up to 100gsm. The seal is portable and lightweight, where you use your hand strength to compress the seal (similar to a pair of pliers) to leave the embossment on your documents.

Desk Seal

This seal is a heavier weight with a built-in stand, so it can sit on a desk or shelf. Use this seal by placing it on a desk or table and use your arm to compress the seal. This seal allows for a clean embossment on thicker stacks of paper, up to 120gsm. If you find that your business requires a seal to be used more frequently or that you are embossing thicker stacks of paper, you may find that a Desk seal is better suited to your needs.

How do I order a Company Seal?

Ordering a company seal is easy, follow the link to enter your company name or company number: mcgrathseals.ie. When your company name appears in the search results, select it and then choose which seal type you would like to order; Plier Seal or Desk Seal. Proceed to the checkout and enter your billing details, your seal will arrive within 1 – 2 working days.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us today.